After School
See the Teaser (9:40)
Produced by: KeyVision Productions
Written by: RP Eberle
Directed by: Fritz Eberle
1st AD Robert Johnston
Camera Fritz Eberle
Sound Jim Cochran
Boom Tom Wright
Key Gaffer Lee Wasserman
Key Grip Robert Johnston
Art Director Andy Linderkamp
  Script Super Cindy Kemp

In order to find personal satisfaction, Del Gerkin pursues after school activities with an extraordinary passion - and unusual talents - until she comes face to face with the consequences.


Still Photography John Maio
Key Hair, Makeup, Wardrobe Naomi Martinez
Hair & Makeup Asst Bernadette Lovato
Wardrobe Asst Kristen Carson
Music James Lay
Catering & Craft Susanna Kearny
See IMDb listing Shooting completed Aug 15, 2009 under the SAG Short Film Agreement

Elise Eberle
Elise Eberle (SAG) as DEL (1) 17 years old.  She's an extrovert -- has a need to express herself but hasn't found the happy medium, which makes her a bit glum.  Creative and emotional, she lives for the moment -- is impulsive.  Loves to dress up and wear alluring clothes.  She inspires men (boys) -- is manipulative and moody, but flirtatious when she wants to be.  Laments her lousy relationship with little brother, Matt.  Not getting the attention she wants at home, she looks for it elsewhere…
TJ Plunkett TJ Plunkett (SAG) as MATTHEW (1) 15 years old.  He's an introvert.  A sort of  reluctant jock -- a natural athlete, but a social geek…has trouble keeping up with his jocular peers in wooing the opposite sex.  Takes such pursuits too seriously, too self-consciously.  Would rather spend time lounging at home in the company of his dog and drawing cartoons (when he's not on the soccer field).  Has a rotten relationship with his sister Del…as they compete for attention at home.

Ryan Lazo as MICHAEL (4) 17 years old.  Del's cousin.  Audacious and cocky.  Perceives self as being hip.  A bit of a control freak,…even so, he likes to par-tay.  Ringleader of the fraudulent pursuits of which Del embraces with unusual vigor (and talent).


Clint Milhollin as DANNY (6)  17 years old.  Michael's friend and second fiddle.  Enjoys hanging with Danny and likes to par-tay (maybe too much!) -- has eyes for Del (but he doesn't even show up on Del's radar).

jean effron Jean Effron (SAG) as DARLENE (7)  70-80.  Retiree, with a bit of a mothering impulse.  Puts others ahead of her self and thinks the best of people, as a rule -- driven to help people.  Still, enjoys staying home most of the time…caring for her husband and closing out the "crazy world out there." 
cliff gravell Cliff Gravell (SAG) as RUPERT (7) 70-80 years old.  Retiree.  Passive until asked to act.  Willing.  A good listener. Generous.  Committed to his wife. Tries his best to go along and get along.  Looks after his wife's needs and wants.  Pretty much keeps out of the way.
JJ Raschel JJ Raschel (SAG) as POLICEMAN (12)  21 years old.  Handsome, fit, chivalrous and gentle -- with a good deal of humor to boot.  Disciplined, with a good sense of who he is -- he's a protector, the community gladiator.  Willing to sacrifice himself for the good of all.  Takes a special interest in Del…even if it gets a little too physical.