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Award winning films:

All the following
Directed by Fritz Eberle
(except Malice in Wonderland)


Alan comes of age when he transitions away from the comfort of home.
Tagline: Sometimes it's hard to move on.

This lush film shot in a Texas "jungle" won Best Cinematography.

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Breaking In

Two girls get caught doing what they weren’t doing, and try to explain to a detective how they did what they didn’t do.

Won award for Best Director!

breaking in


Piano protege Emily forms a plan to kickstart her grandpa's stuck life and rescue her piano teacher from the brink of dark despair.

Won numerous awards including Runner Up Best Film, Best Actress, Best Writing, Best Use of Line of Dialog and Best Use of Prop.


No Disrespect Intended

Emotions run high at Sandia Associates when a simple suggestion to improve data security is misunderstood, sending our hero flying.

This is the first episode of "The NAID'em Chronicles," a comedy web series to inspire the use of NAID (National Association for Information Destruction) as a verb.

No Disrespect

Pulped Fiction

A bizarre set of events unfold after a misguided staffer loses sight of the importance of making sure his shredding contractor has the proper qualifications.

The second episode of "The NAID'em Chronicles"


More Narrative  

Malice in Wonderland

When her super-nanny goes postal, precocious Alice is thrown into a psychedelic Wonderland of fractured fairy tales and fabulous freaks in this bawdy drag queen mashup that would make Lewis Carrol roll over in his grave.

Cinematographer and Editor
85 min feature shot 100% on greenscreen


Looks Like Christmas

Horror 48 - Reservoir Dogs meets Night of the LIving Dead


After School

Looking for personal satisfaction, Del Gerkin pursues after school activities with an extraordinary passion - and unusual talents - until she comes face to face with the consequences.

10 min Teaser for a feature film proposal, starring Elise Eberle.


A Lucky Break

An insufferable prima donna has devious plans for her assistant. Will she get away with it?

Won award for Best Costumes!


The Critic

What Lilly won't do for her love of Monet...

A Black Comedy starring Ever Prishkulnik, Johnny Long and Colleen McLure.

the critic

Hannah and Her Fruit Flies

A 48hr film project for 2011 Starring Denali Schmidt

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